What Sets Me Apart

Degree in Informatics with a Focus on Human Computer Interaction and Data Science

Provides a strong foundation in quantitative thinking and product development.

Expertise in Python, SQL, Node.js, JavaScript

Delivers data analysis and engineering skills, enabling data-driven decision-making and smooth communication with engineering teams.

A Lifelong Passion for Art and Design

Fostering my visual design skills and empathy, I listen to people and create appealing, user-friendly designs.

My work

Internship with West Region Avanade X team🔒
Building a generative AI chatbot that allows users to upload files and extract and analyze information
Generative AI
Responsive Design
Creating a travel app that simplifies revisiting travel memories.
Product Design
Fostering cultural awareness among university students
Product Design
Mobile Design
Northwest Adoption Exchange
Designing a design system to improve the adoption experience
Design System